The Most Influential Games That Changed the World of Gaming

April 17, 2023

Video games have come a long way since their inception in the 1970s, evolving from pixelated arcade games to complex, realistic experiences that rival the best movies and TV shows.

But that wouldn’t have been possible without the innovations and creativity that some of these games brought to the world of gaming!

Over the years, certain games have had a profound impact on the gaming industry and beyond, inspiring new genres, pushing technological boundaries, and shaping popular culture.

And as avid gamers, it’s only fair that we pay our tribute to these games. So, here are the most influential games of all time, from the earliest to the latest that have shaped the world of gaming.

1. Space Invaders (1978)

There’s a good chance you have heard of Space Invaders, the game that essentially laid the foundation of gaming in pop culture.

One of the earliest arcade games, Space Invaders introduced the concept of a high score and became a cultural phenomenon in Japan, kickstarting the video game industry and paving the way for future classics.

Of course, it was pretty basic for today’s standard but it had a HUGE impact on the world of video games. 

2. Super Mario Bros. (1985)

You might not know about Space Invaders but I am sure you know about and have even played Super Mario Bros.

The quintessential side-scrolling platformer that introduced countless gamers to the world of video games, setting the standard for what a platformer could be, and inspiring generations of game developers to come.

Even after decades, the game is fresh as ever and everyone loves the iconic plumber!

3. Tetris (1984)

Tetris is the best example of how a game can be super simple yet highly popular in the gaming world.

Tetris became a worldwide sensation and popularized the concept of casual gaming, demonstrating the power of games to reach a wide audience and become cultural touchstones.

And even to this day, you can see many gamers playing Tetris, especially after its multiplayer version.

4. The Legend of Zelda (1986)

We gamers have a special place in our hearts for open-world games like GTA or RDR.

But it all started with Legend of Zelda, An open-world adventure game that set the standard for open-world RPGs to come. The Legend of Zelda introduced nonlinear gameplay, allowing players to explore vast, immersive worlds and discover hidden secrets.

Many game developers still take inspiration for it after so many years, which speaks volume about the game!

5. Doom (1993)

Speaking of influential games, we can’t possibly forget about Doom. A first-person shooter that revolutionized the genre by introducing fast-paced action, advanced graphics, and multiplayer gameplay, popularizing the FPS and paving the way for future classics like Half-Life and Call of Duty.

This classic multiplayer shooter is still loved and adored by millions of gamers. And if you have never played it, just give it a try!

6. Grand Theft Auto III (2001)

Video games are getting closer to reality every passing day and some of the credit goes to Grand Theft Auto III.

A groundbreaking open-world game that blurred the line between virtual and real life and introduced players to a vast, interactive city where they could commit crimes, cause chaos, and explore at their leisure.

And we have seen thousands of games trying to replicate that gameplay for years now.

7. World of Warcraft (2004)

Now this one is literally just as popular as it used to be. A massively multiplayer online role-playing game that redefined the genre, World of Warcraft introduced millions of players to the concept of online gaming, creating a global community of players who continue to play and connect to this day.

It’s also one of earliest games to have the best economy system with players spending real money to buy wow gold. World of Warcraft is still ruling the world of MMORPGs.

8. Minecraft (2009)

Minecraft marks the era of modern games that are played by audiences of all ages. A sandbox game that allows players to build and explore their own virtual worlds, Minecraft popularized the concept of user-generated content and demonstrated the power of player creativity in shaping the game experience.

This type of gameplay was unique and it spread like wildfire despite the game’s blocky old-school visuals.

9. League of Legends (2009)

Coming up next, we have League of Legends, the ultimate MOBA title with the largest and most loyal player base.

This game has inspired a series of other popular MOBAs but more importantly, it has revolutionized the whole Esports industry with team-based gameplay, strategic depth, and a dedicated competitive scene, becoming one of the most popular and lucrative games in the world.

10. Fortnite (2017)

Last but definitely not least, we have Fortnite, the most popular BR title of all time. It essentially took the world by storm, Fortnite introduced millions of players to the concept of free-to-play gaming, attracting a massive audience and inspiring countless imitators.

It still remains a fan-favorite with millions of active daily Fortnite account users having a blast!


These games represent a small sample of the most influential games of all time, each of which has had a profound impact on the gaming industry and beyond.

From Space Invaders to worlds of World of Warcraft and beyond, these games have shaped the way we think about video games and have helped to define the medium as an art form in its own right.

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