Singer Iyanii Escaped Death Twice When He Was A Thug

April 5, 2023

Musician Iyanii(born Ian Oure) opened up about his past life in crime, recounting how he escaped death on two different occasions.

Speaking to King Kaka about a second chance at life, the Nairobi-born singer said he got caught up in crime through his friends in Mathare slums.

“You were either a musician or in crime. I was trying to find a balance.

“Some of my friends were thieves, so one day on a Sunday, we were heading for jam session kama mbogi. We would walk in groups in case of trouble,” he said.

The ‘Pombe’ hitmaker recalled this one time when they left a club before one of his friends snatched a handbag from a member of the public.

The victim screamed, alerting other members of the public and police officers who were nearby.

“I heard gunshots. I was lucky enough in that process I entered a Dandora matatu. I noticed my jacket was blood-stained and I quickly removed it. So apparently when the police were shooting, a bullet touched my hand and I have deep scars,” the singer narrated.

Iyanii claimed he hid his blood-stained hoodie moments before a police officer stopped the vehicle to check if one of the criminals had boarded the matatu.

The ‘Bamba Pia’ hitmaker said the cop noticed him and asked if he was in the group of thugs. He said no as one of the passengers defended him.

The passenger would later advise him against a life of crime.  “She told me to choose my company wisely.”

Iyanii said the scar from the bullet wound is a testimony that God gave him a second chance at life.

But the singer returned to his criminal friends: “They were my boys. I avoided them for some time but I went back.”

Iyanii said he escaped death a second time when he declined to join his friends for a Sunday outing. He said the friends stole again but this time they were killed.

“I was not happy about it but it is our journey in life and things happen. The best thing is to learn.” He said.

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