Prime Minister? Raila Now Suggests 2008-style Power Sharing Agreement

April 4, 2023

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has made what can be interpreted as an about-turn on his Sunday declaration.

Soon after President William Ruto urged him to call off demonstrations, the former Prime Minister agreed to give a bipartisan parliamentary process a chance.

Barely 2 days later, he is back with more demands.

In a statement released on Tuesday evening, Raila reiterated that he is not interested in a handshake, but made a rather curious admission.

He is now stating that the parliamentary process will not be enough to address his demands, and that outside parties should be involved in a process akin to the 2008 National Accord.

That was the process chaired by former AU Secretary General Koffi Annan after the disputed election, whose primary objective was to bring Raila into government as Prime Minister, alongside his selection of cabinet ministers.

While not expressly stating that’s his desire, it was not lost on Kenyans who read between the lines.

Here’s the full statement.

And some reactions from Kenyan.


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