Sauti Sol to follow Nonini out of Music Copyright Society Of Kenya

April 19, 2023

Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol is set to walk in the footsteps of rapper Nonini by withdrawing its membership from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).

The ‘Midnight Train’ hitmakers on Tuesday, April 18 said the CMO(Collective Management Organization) no longer serves their interest.

“We are going to withdraw our membership from society as it does not serve our best interests entirely..” said Sauti Sol.

The decision comes after MCSK on Saturday, April 15 distributed royalties to its members. Sauti Sol lead singer Bien led an onslaught against the CMO as he lamented receiving a measly Sh14,634.

Sauti Sol is now calling on other MCSK members who wish to withdraw their membership to reach out to them.

“All disgruntled members who wish to do the same, the time is now! Please reach out. Take back your power!” Sauti Sol said.

The band said MCSK is supposed to distribute nothing less than 70 percent of all royalties collected to the members and provide credible statements of account to that effect.

“Why does MCSK always act like they are doing Kenyan musicians a favour? The royalties collected are NOT their direct income but yours. They are working for you!” they said.

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