Miss P extends olive branch to Willy Paul over rape allegations

April 19, 2023

Former musician Miss P(born Elvira Wambui Maina) has come out to set things right with Willy Paul nearly two years after she accused him of sexual assault.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Miss P said she regretted her actions but declined to disclose whether her accusations were true.

Miss P said she was bitter when she leveled the assault allegations against Willy Paul during an interview with Presenter Ali in August 2021.

“I am spontaneous, random, and impulsive. While doing the interview, I felt bitter, I felt angry I felt so many things, my emotions were all over the place, and I was overwhelmed at that time. I was not mentally okay, psychologically there was a lot going on in my life, facing so much at the time, the interview was an impulse,” she said.

Miss P added: “Right after the interview, I asked myself what I had just done. Don’t ask me if the accusations were true or false. It was not the best choice I made in my life.”

Miss P, who had signed under Willy Paul’s record label for about a year, went on to apologize to the former gospel singer.

“I am apologising in public since I publicly tarnished his name before approaching him. Willy Paul, you know we had history, things happened, shit happened, many things that we both are not proud of but it has been two years and it’s not good kubeba mtu grudges…it’s very exhausting.”

The lady insisted that her apology was genuine and not a ploy to revive her music career.

“If music was part of this apology, it would not be pure. It is a genuine quest. I want to make things right between us,” she said.

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