Revealed: How Much Akothee’s Wedding Cost

April 18, 2023

Akothee might as well have staged East Africa’s wedding of the year(arguably) last week. And as one of the wealthiest musicians in the region, she understandably spent a pretty dime to marry the love of her life Denis Schweizer ‘Omosh’.

The star-studded wedding which took place at the lush green gardens of the Victorian-style Windsor Country Club on April 10, reportedly cost between Sh15-20 million.

This is according to comedienne Sandra Dacha, who was part of the wedding’s organizing team alongside Akothee’s daughters, Vesha, Rue Baby, and Fancy Makadia.

Speaking to Youtuber Trudy Kitui, Sandra said money was not a problem for Akothee and Omosh, and they did not have to rely on a fundraising committee.

 “Cash money. Hakukuwa na paybill, na hakuchangiwa, and there was no committee,” she said.

Nairobi Wire understands that the wedding décor alone cost Sh3.5 million while a plate of food was charged at Sh 6,500 per guest.

Upto Sh10 million went to the reception and venue. That’s not counting the Sh690,000 and Sh172k that Akothee spent on her designer wedding gown and shoes respectively.

Sandra Dacha said it took them a whole month of planning Akothee’s dream wedding.

She admitted she experienced challenges with some of the high-profile celebrities who attended the wedding but said the ceremony was flawless nonetheless.

As we wait for the second wedding in Switzerland in July, here’s a recap of Akothee’s wedding photos.

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