Public Servants to earn double their salary in bonuses in new Govt reward scheme

April 20, 2023

Top-performing public service workers are poised to earn bonuses up to double their salaries should they exceed their performance targets.

This is contained in the Framework for Recognising Productivity and Performance in the Public Service, a govt reward scheme that the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) launched last week Friday.

The Framework proposes bonuses up to 100 percent of a worker’s basic salary for surpassing targets, as one way of boosting performance, ensuring employee retention, and attracting top talent.

“Whereas organisational success thrives on higher productivity, employees become more productive when they are recognised for their contribution. Recognition improves employee productivity, performance, retention, organisational culture and acts as a catalyst for efficiency and effectiveness in production and service delivery,” said SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich.

Head of Public Service Felix Koskei added: “To motivate employees to perform to their best, it is important to tie productivity to rewards, whether in form of promotions, bonuses, recognition letters or other forms of recognition.”

SRC said the framework links financial rewards to measurable productivity and performance for state and public officers.

“In rewarding employees in the public service, SRC shall consider the degree to which an institution achieves its productivity and performance targets will determine eligibility and quantum of financial reward. Thus, SRC shall take into consideration performance targets and the productivity index achieved,” the commission added.

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SRC proposes financial rewards for institutions and employees who achieve at least 101 per cent of the annual performance ratings, improved productivity index, and for commercial and revenue-generating state corporations that demonstrate cost efficiency, growth in revenue and profit, and make the necessary budgetary provisions for the performance-based bonus.

“The productivity and performance-based bonus shall be prorated based on corporate score, and anchored on the basic salary of state officers, other public officers, or accounting officers, in the case of board members.”

SRC says the framework is meant to instill a productivity mentality in Kenya’s public sector.

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