Olivia Naserian spoke in tongues, chased dog before killing her daughter – Aunt

April 26, 2023

An aunt to Olivia Naserian has spoken out revealing more details about her niece’s bizarre behaviour before she killed her daughter and ate her internal organs.

Gladys Wanjiku said Naserian’s mother, who is a teacher, also noticed something was amiss when Naserian arrived home on Thursday.

Ms Wanjiku said Naserian had returned from Kirinyaga, where she lived with her boyfriend for about 8 months.

“When she arrived at their Kitengela home, she even helped her mother prepare chapatis and all the time she would jump on her mother and show her a lot of love,” said Wanjiku.

According to Wanjiku, Naserian did not inform anyone that she was leaving her boyfriend’s home.

Gladys Wanjiku

“The mother of her boyfriend told us that Naserian left with her laptop, her child and without her cellphone. We do not know what happened to her before she left Kirinyaga,” the aunt said as quoted by the Star.

Upon her arrival, her mother reportedly sent her Sh1,000 for a taxi and even promised to buy her a new phone.

On Sunday, however, Naserian started shouting and speaking in tongues. She also broke utensils , windows and the TV before she stabbed her two-year-old daughter Glory Njeri.

“Something is very wrong. We were not here, but the reports we are getting from our neighbours is that Naserian started talking in tongues and chasing after the only dog at home hours before descending on her child,” said Wanjiku.

The aunt described Naserian as a disciplined child who respected her parents and close relatives.

She said her niece is a member of the Anglican Church of Kenya in Kitengela, but she is not sure which church she attended while in Kirinyaga.

Neighbours who witnessed the gruesome attack said Naserian was reciting the alphabet while repeatedly stabbing the baby.

She was also chanting, “You will never cry again my baby…you will forever sleep. I love you, my daughter.”

A neighbour told reporters that: “The woman ate her baby’s liver as we watched. She also removed other internal organs search as intestines and heart from the body before becoming unconscious.’’

By the time the neighbours managed to break into the house, the child was already dead and Naserian was unconscious. She was rushed to Kitengela Sub-County Hospital.

The child’s remains were moved to the Kitengela sub-county hospital mortuary.

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