Kamene Goro responds to pregnancy speculation

April 24, 2023

Radio personality Kamene Goro has once again been forced to dismiss rumors that she is heavy with child.

The speculation resurfaced over the weekend days after the former Kiss 100 radio presenter tied the knot with lover DJ Bonez. Hawk-eyed netizens deduced she was pregnant from photos of their wedding.

Kamene was forced to speak out Saturday, asking those spreading the rumor to find her in Nakuru and touch her belly to confirm.

“And those who say I’m pregnant, please feel free to come to Chilis tomorrow (Saturday) night to confirm,” she said.

Adding: “I also wonder, what will you do if there is no child in the next few months? I will laugh at you. Come check and confirm, mfinye tumbo tupige sherehe tuendelee na maisha.”

Kamene Goro also dismissed the speculation the week before her wedding.

She said the rumors were irritating and explained that she could have gained a little weight from living her “best life”.

“It has got to the point that I am irritated by how people are thinking. Can we get this right? I am not pregnant. Maybe I have added a little weight living my best life but I am not pregnant. Would I be really out there in the clubs, partying and drinking if I was pregnant?” Kamene posed.

Kamene also made sure to mention that she could never get pregnant out of wedlock.

“If there is one thing about me, I am not about to get pregnant or get children out of wedlock…so can we be done with that narrative? I’m just tired of it.”

Last year, Kamene also mentioned she was facing pressure from her peers to have a baby.

“A lot of people have been telling me that I’m turning 30 and that it’s time for me to start thinking about having a child. I tell them, ‘Listen, I want my kids to go to a school better than the one I went to, which is going to be very expensive, money that I don’t have right now’,” said Kamene.

“I can’t afford to be pregnant now guys, no I am not doing it,” she added.

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