Government announces plan for Kenyans Stuck in Sudan

April 18, 2023

The government has announced an evacuation plan for Kenyans living and working in Sudan.

There are currently around 3000 Kenyans living and working in Sudan, the Ministry of Foreign Affair said.

In a presser on Monday, April 17, Roseline Njogu, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Diaspora Affairs said the government is currently mapping out an emergency evacuation plan for Kenyan citizens living in Sudan.

“Right now there is so far no casualty reported. However, if Kenyan citizens living in Sudan are in danger or unable to continue their peaceful existence ideally we will call for evacuation. We are committed to ensuring that all Kenyans are safely rescued and brought home should the situation warrant it,” Ms Njogu said.

The PS said the State Department for Diaspora Affairs has set up a multi-agency technical team that is closely monitoring the situation in Sudan on a real-time basis.

The department has also called on Kenyans in Sudan to remain indoors and to contact the Kenyan embassy in Khartoum through the emergency number +249900194854 or via various social media channels.

The government has also established a local emergency contact phone number, +2540114757002, for friends and relatives of Kenyans in Sudan to provide information on those stranded.

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