Teacher Drugged Mentally Ill Car Wash Attendant and Sodomized Him: Police Report

April 6, 2023

Police in Kirinyaga County have in their custody a high school teacher they claim drugged and sodomized a 23-year-old man at Baricho Trading Centre in Ndia Constituency.

Kirinyaga West Sub-County Police Commander Moses Koskei said the suspect, William Kinyua, committed the crime two weeks ago in Sagana town.

The suspect, a teacher at Baricho High School, is alleged to have lured the victim with beer after he had washed his car. The victim is a car wash attendant at a local hotel in Sagana and is said to be mentally ill.

“The victim washes cars in Baricho town. On the said day the suspect picked him up and offered to buy him a drink at Sagana town.

“The victim said he thought he had done a good job by washing the teacher’s vehicle but little did he know that the teacher had ill intentions,” said Koskei.

When the pair arrived at a local pub, Kinyua kept his promise and bought alcohol but the victim lost consciousness soon after.

The suspect reportedly took the victim to his vehicle and sexually abused him. He then allegedly dumped the unconscious man at the Sagana River, thinking he had died.

“He thought he was dead after sexually abusing him and he dump him into the river,” Kosgei said.

“Fortunately he gained consciousness yesterday(Tuesday) and was found by a group of women who were drawing water. He was found naked.”

The women alerted relevant authorities who took the abused party to hospital and later arrested the 43-year-old teacher.

Kinyua was detained at Baricho Police Station pending arraignment.

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