Daddy Owen: I Wish I Got Married Before I Became Famous

April 3, 2023

Award-winning gospel musician Daddy Owen says one of his regrets is getting married late.

Speaking with Shaffie Weru, Daddy Owen said his failed marriage taught him valuable lessons. He said if he had a chance to do things differently, he would have settled down before he gained fame.

“I think I got married very late…I wish I got married before the fame. That way I would grow into fame,” he said, adding that getting married at the peak of his career was not the wisest decision.

“Getting married at the peak of your career is a different story,” he said., further noting that he is now in a better place mentally.

Asked why he is yet to get a spouse, Daddy Owen said he is not in a rush. He said he has been working on himself and is single by choice.

“I count myself as one of those elite men in this country and as an elite man finding love is not an issue. I am single by choice.

“I am at a place where I get to decide. Getting ladies is not an issue…I decided to work on myself and after that, the rest can follow. I get all sorts of offers and some even send nudes. Instagram is quite something. There are some older women as well but I think sex is idolized. I know my purpose,” he asserted.

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