Archbishop Anthony Muheria calls for wealth audit of all religious leaders

April 27, 2023

Nyeri archbishop Antony Muheria wants the government to conduct a wealth audit of all religious leaders in Kenya.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, the clergyman said a lifestyle audit would weed out unscrupulous preachers. He raised concerns that most preachers have become careless by choosing the path to wealth instead of giving hope to their faithful.

Archbishop Muheria said he would be on the front line should clergy members be required to declare their wealth.

“It is important that we audit the wealth of all religious leaders; all of us including myself should be able to declare what I have in my account.

“And it should be something public for all the Christians who follow my church. They should know how much I have and how much I own. That is the only way the congregation can be defended from the greed of any rogue religious leaders,” he said.

Muheria at the same time said the government should formulate laws to tame pseudo-religions.

“We insist that there must be laws to tame pseudo-religions, denominations and gatherings…they’re just human creations of a person who wants to deceive.

“I don’t think it is called brainwashing, this is a deception of the highest order where very simple, gullible people…because they’re poor and miserable…that we can cheat and enslave them where they give all their goods for the good of the religious leader.”

Archbishop Muheria also urged Kenyans to be cautious saying gullibility has pushed many to desperation occasioning loss of lives.

“We must be bold; this is not a question of doing a simple sanitization. We’ve seen this is deep, it is evil, and should not be repeated.”

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