Why Anerlisa Wants Fans To Respect Kenyan Celebs: ‘Please Let Us Be’

March 17, 2023

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has blasted a section of fans for invading her personal space in public places.

The popular social media personality took to her Instagram to lament some bad encounters with some of her fans.

“Honestly I need to say this from my heart. When you meet public figures could you please let them be and respect their spaces. Recently I have experienced behaviours I haven’t appreciated,” Anerlisa said.

The NERO Company Ltd CEO mentioned an example of a fan asking to show her their social media accounts on her phone and then proceeding to follow themselves using her Instagram page.

“First, I don’t get why when people show me their Instagram pages through my page, choose to follow themselves back without even asking me if it’s okay,” she lamented.

Anerlisa also took issue with fans who ask for her personal mobile phone number.

“Secondly, it’s polite to stop asking for personal numbers just because we have bumped into each other. The other day I gave my number to some lady who really insisted on the personal one and rejected the office one. Now, my WhatsApp is full of CV’s,” the businesswoman said.

Anerlisa advised that: “The best way to do it is to give someone your business card, and if you get a callback, then just know they were interested in knowing your business.”

She added: “If you do not have a card, please don’t ask for phone numbers, I find it very annoying.”

Anerlisa also hit out at retailers who insist she tags them on Instagram when she unveils new outfits that she has paid for.

“Stop asking for tags. My page is my personal space. I would go somewhere or buy something and someone would still insist on tagging or mentions. If I pay for something, kindly do not expect a mention. I thought I put that out because I know most public figures would agree with me,” she argued.

Anerlisa also asked fellow business people to stop using her photos to promote their merchandise.

“If I pay for something, kindly do not expect a mention on my private page. Also stop using my images to promote anything. I thought I put that out there because I know most public figures would agree with me,” she said.

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