Rachel Ruto Offers To Help MP Mwirigi Get A Wife From Rift Valley (VIDEO)

March 6, 2023

First Lady Rachael Ruto on Sunday offered to help Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi find a wife to start a family with.

Speaking a service at St. Thomas Athi Catholic Church in Maua, Meru County, Mrs Ruto said she is prepared to take MP Mwirigi to Rift Valley to find a wife if he can’t get one in Meru.

“I’m told that you’re not married, or maybe you are. Are you married? If he cannot find a Meru girl, I heard the choir sing Kalenjin songs, I can take him to Rift Valley and find him a wife,” Rachel said.

She noted that family is “very important” and advised Mwirigi not to wait until it is late.

Rachel Ruto mentioned Mwirigi is now 29, having become the youngest MP in Kenya in 2017 at the age of 23.

“Matters to do with the family are very important so please do not wait long. At 23 it is understandable, but at 29, at least build a home where your constituents can come and have someone who can make them tea,” she said.

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