Copycats Force Nancie Mwai To Quit Fashion Industry

March 29, 2023

Fashion designer and blogger Nancie Mwai has apparently given up the fight against copycats.

The CEO of Shop New Level says she has quit the local fashion industry as a result of intellectual property thieves.

Taking to Instagram, Mwai noted she is tired of copycats stealing her designs since she started designing about four years ago.

“I would spend a whole day here if I started recapping my designs that have been stolen since I started designing in 2019. I don’t have time,” she said.

Nancie told her copycats that they had won as she announced her exit from the Kenyan fashion industry.

“For now, I am out of this Kenyan fashion industry. Y’all win. Peace.”

The announcement comes two years after Nancie engaged entertainment and IP lawyer Liz Lenjo-Kags in her bid to stop Instagram online stores from infringing on her copyright.

The demand letter was sent to 13 stores that used her image to sell similar outfits.

At the time, Nancie said that she did not like the confusion the use of her images was causing among her customers.

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