How Much Simon Kabu Paid Moya David To Surprise Wife on Flight to Mauritius

March 10, 2023

Last June, Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu surprised his wife and business partner Sarah Kabu on their 13th anniversary by securing the services of famous TikTok dancer Moya David.

Simon and Sarah were on a flight to Mauritius when Moya popped up and started dancing to his signature song Mi Amor and gave Sarah flowers, chocolate, and a cake.

It was undoubtedly a romantic surprise that saw Simon Kabu spend a handsome amount on Moya David.

Speaking to Mpasho, the dancer reportedly said Kabu paid him approximately Sh400,000, which included the costs of the flight and his accommodation in Mauritius.

“That one was a bit expensive I had to pay for my flight from Kenya to Mauritius and the nights because I stayed in Mauritius for 3 nights. I had to pay for the hotel that I went to. Ukiongezea all that in add up to 400K,” he said.

Speaking about his rate card, Moya David said it depends on various factors such as location and the day of the week.

He said he charges higher on weekends because that’s when his services are most in demand.

Also, the longer the distance he has to cover the higher the charges.

“In Nairobi, I charge from around Sh20,0000 to Sh30,0000.Outside Nairobi inadepend ni wapi. Sisi tunaangalianga time, the time you spend kutoka nairobi kuenda uko. Most of the time I use flights because of the bookings. Sometimes napataga niko na bookings mbili from two different locations zenye ziko mbali,” he explained.

And how much did he pocket to welcome Ruger at the airport ahead of his performance in Mombasa?

“For Ruger, I was paid around 160k but it was more of a promotion to the event,” he said.

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