Kabi Wa Jesus Reveals The Argument That Made Milly Slam Phone on the Floor

March 10, 2023

Lifestyle vlogging couple Kabi Wajesus and his wife Milly let their fans in on their marriage, revealing their most heated argument to date.

Opening up on their YouTube channel, the WaJesus Family said their marriage was at its rockiest when Kabi was Jesus was publicly exposed for seeping and impregnating his cousin.

Kabi said that was the first time they had a heated altercation in their marriage, with Milly channeling her anger on a mobile phone.

“Tulikosana kabisaa mpaka love(Milly) alikua like ‘you have your issues that are too much to handle. I’ll just leave you to handle them alone’. Milly akachukua simu akapiganisha chini akapasua,” Kabi narrated.

The couple said the fallout following the scandal taught them that being there for each other was the most important thing.

“It almost got me depressed, and started praying and reading more about the word of God and pray,” Kabi said.

It doesn’t matter who is against us as a couple as long as we are together we can handle anything.”

Kabi and Milly mentioned they were happy with how far they have come and thanked God for it.

At the same, Kabi lamented having less sex after they got children, saying he wants it on a daily basis.

“You satisfy me, but you don’t give me enough time. It has to be daily…” Kabi told Milly.

And talking about remarrying in case of a divorce or otherwise, Kabi said he would want Milly to move on. But the mother of two said she wouldn’t.

“I wouldn’t remarry because I don’t think there is a man who can treat me better than you,” she claimed.

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