Woman Admits Slapping Childhood Friend Over Love Affair With Husband

February 17, 2023

A woman from Mombasa pleaded guilty to assaulting her neighbour for having an affair with her husband.

Josephine Achieng appeared before Mombasa’s Principal Magistrate Vincent Adet facing charges of assault and causing actual bodily harm.

The court heard that Achieng stormed the house of Lucy Maraba and slapped her before she was arrested.

The particulars were that on June 2019 in Kizingo area in Mombasa sub-county within Mombasa county, the accused willfully and unlawfully assaulted Marabi thereby occasioning her bodily harm.

In her mitigation, the accused told the court that she was remorseful and asked for leniency. She mentioned that following the ordeal she developed a heart condition,

Achieng’ also informed the court that Maraba was her childhood friend, with whom she has been quarreling since 2017 for having an affair with her husband.

“There has been bad blood between me and my childhood friend since 2017 after l discovered that she was having an affair with my husband.

“On many occasions, we have been quarreling through mobile phone that she should leave my husband alone, but she always answers me arrogantly that ‘your husband is for us all’ and that l should sit in the house and wait for his money,” she said.

Magistrate Adet sentenced the accused to three months in prison.

“The accused person is hereby convicted on her own admission to a three-month sentence. She is allowed 14 days to appeal the sentence,” Adet said.

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