Senator Orwoba Seeks Advise on Cyber-Bullying From Karen Nyamu

February 17, 2023

Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba has admitted that she is yet to develop a thick skin against trolls and cyberbullies.

The Senator has been on the receiving end of online abuse after she wore stained pants to Parliament in a bid to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene and period stigma.

Speaking on Hot 96 radio on Thursday, Senator Orwoba said she was contemplating quitting Twitter as a result of the online abuse.

“This thing of having a thick skin, no! We are human beings. In fact, I am contemplating leaving Twitter. That whole cyber-bullying thing I will leave to Nyamu (Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu). She knows how to deal with it,” Orwaba said.

The lawmaker said Karen Nyamu advised her to soldier on and not let cyberbullies get to her.

“I was talking to Senator Nyamu about it and she said no (to her leaving Twitter). She said the moment you get through it and cross to the other side no one can tell you anything. But it is intense and it gets to you. I won’t lie that I don’t care because it really gets to me,” she said.

Senator Orwaba maintained that men need education on menstrual health from the women in their families to understand the challenges they go through.

“We need to educate people a bit more. I am not saying they are stupid, I am saying it is understandable that they wouldn’t know about periods. I would say to them to try to be understanding. Maybe sit down with your daughters and wives and have a candid conversation,” she said.

“There are many men who just disappear for days when their partners say they are on their periods, and return to ask if it is over. They need to ask their lovers, how do exactly you feel and what do you use? They can learn from a first-hand experience and when they speak it will be from an informed position,” Orwoba added.


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