Pritty Vishy: Stevo Simple Boy Didn’t Know How To Withdraw M-Pesa Cash

February 8, 2023

Popular content creator Pritty Vishy has made some new sensational claims about her former lover, Stevo Simple Boy.

In an interview on Milele FM, Vishy revisited her failed love affair with the musician, revealing why it is impossible to miss him.

On top of the well-known fact that the couple never engaged in coitus, Vishy said Stevo Simple Boy could not even hug her.

“Kenye mwanaume atafanya ndio itafanya ata akitoka unammiss. Lakini the moment the man behaves like a child, you can’t miss him,” Vishy said.

When asked to elaborate on Stevo’s purported childishness, the TikToker said he never used to hug her or pamper her.

Mwanaume ambaye ata hawezi kuhug. Hamwezi fanya ngona kwa sababu munangojea ndoa. Kama basi munangojea ndoa kitu kama hug, pampering.. you know. Even if you don’t have money but the way you will treat your woman will make her to want you more…to want you by her side,” Vishy explained.

Pritty wasn’t done there! When asked what they used to chat about, she insinuated that Stevo Simple Boy was illiterate and didn’t know how to send text messages.

She also claimed the ‘Haya Basi’ hitmaker did not know how to withdraw money from Mpesa.

Hatukua tunatext since hakua anajua kuchat, hakua anajua ata kutoa pesa. Alikua anaenda kwa Mpesa anapatiana simu anamwambia nitolee,” Vishy said.

She added that she taught him how to text but Stevo used her lessons to text and flirt with other women.

Ndo nkaanza kumfunza akajua pole pole so the moment alijua kuanza kuchat nkapata alikua anachat na wasichana wengine anasema ni mavixens. Wanaambiana hadi venye watapatana sijui wapi,” Vishy claimed.


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