Ndovu Kuu Talks About Life in Campus: ‘My Girl Was ‘Stolen’ So I Wrote a Hit Song’

February 6, 2023

Record producer and rapper Krispah a.k.a Ndovu Kuu (born Christopher Thande) answers some quick-fire questions about his campus days.

Where did you study? I studied Aeronautical Engineering at The East African School of Aviation.

Favourite/worst unit: Aerodynamics and Engineering maths were my favourite units. I loved playing around with numbers and that made me enjoy the classes even more. On the contrary, the Electrical Control Systems unit was my worst.

Favourite/worst lecturer: Mr Mutie was my favourite lecturer due to his demeanor and the fact that he is a former retired Airforce Cadet got us all disciplined. My worst was Engineering Maths lecturers who were extra strict for a student who was in his/her exploring years.

How was campus life generally? It was when I realized the essence of being responsible and owning the mistakes that I did. I had fun but also did so responsibly because I knew the repercussions would be mine to bear.

How did you make money on campus? I was well known as a music producer on campus and budding artists from my campus would come seeking my services. I also produced music for non-student artists. This money went a long way in helping me on campus.

What was dating like on campus? I was dating this gal from Kenyatta University and to cut the long story short, she was ‘stolen’ from me. Anyway, I got a hit song from heartbreak.

What do you think about campus relationships? Students should focus on their studies while on campus and avoid emotional relationships that may end up hurting them later. The best bet is to have valuable friends who can help them grow in all aspects of their lives.

Where did you hang out on weekends? I was either in a music gig or in a studio making music with my friends. I also used to go home every weekend to link with my family since I used to reside in the hostels at school.

What did you do with your free time? I would travel and visit new places whenever I got free weekends. However, on weekends when I was not traveling, I would be in my room making music.

Classmates you will never forget and why? Clemo, Ezzy, Kim, and Joji. They made my life both at school and outside fun and interesting. For Joji, we are still together where we work at Wilson Airport.

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