Moya David “Patents” Dance Moves, Threatens To Sue Copycats

February 21, 2023

TikTok dancing sensation Moya David claims he has patented the dance moves he uses to surprise his clients.

Moya lamented that copycats have been using his choreography without acknowledging him. As a consequence, the dancer said he will sue anyone who copies his dance moves.

“It’s my creativity but people sometimes don’t give me the recognition I deserve,” he said.

Moya claimed he has copyrighted his craft and therefore, it would be within his right to take his imitators to court.

“Anyone who tries to imitate my style the law will take its course. I have patented all the dance styles that I do.”

The businessman at the same time warned imposters who operate fake accounts on social media pretending to be him in order to defraud Kenyans.

Moya also clarified that patenting his choreography does not mean he is preventing people from dancing.

Me copyrighting the choreography doesn’t mean that I’m preventing people from dancing. It’s only that I am owning the rights to my creation. In case non-fungible token (NFT) decides that they want to buy the dance, how will I prove it’s mine? You just need to have the certificate to prove that you created the choreography,” said Moya.

The dancer further dismissed claims by some people that it is not possible to copyright dance moves.

“I saw some comments stating that one cannot copyright your own dance. Imagine you can. It is possible,” he said.

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