Jamal Roho Safi Recounts How He Fell in Love With his Employee

February 21, 2023

After going public about his love affair with his employee, Michelle Thiong’o, businessman Jamal Roho Safi has shared more details about their relationship.

The chairman of the Association of Matatu Operators said they have been dating for a year.

“We started dating on Valentine’s Day 2022. She was my employee but before that she was my friend and we would chat a lot,” he said.

Jamal said Michelle, who is already expectant, has the qualities of the woman he was looking for.

The CEO of Huduma Credit said he got interested in Michelle after he learnt that she had done a finance course in school.

“I realised she is better off working in my company since she is hardworking and is also very intelligent. She has been assisting me and from her position, we became great friends and we ended up being lovers,” he recounted.

Jamal also mentioned that when he publicly asked his ex-wife Amira for forgiveness, he was already dating. He insisted that his religion allows him to marry four wives.

“When I asked for an apology, I was dating. What is so big? Is part of my religion and there is no sin there. I can marry today, tomorrow and is not a problem as long as I can manage,” he argued.

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