King Kaka on his Covenant With God: “I’m Here To Serve”

February 24, 2023

Rapper King Kaka says his new mission is to serve God and impact the masses positively after dropping his new gospel album.

The rapper dropped the gospel album dubbed ‘2nd Life’ last month after his recovery from a life-threatening health condition.

 “I feel like we take a lot of things for granted. I went to the hospital when I could not walk, I could not eat, sikuwa naskia njaa. Bro, I lost 33 kgs, I could count my ribs,” King Kaka said on Dr Ofweneke’s TV show.

King Kaka mentioned that he thought he would die. “I deliberately told my family to take me to hospital but in my mind, I knew I was going to die, sikuwa nataka stori mob.”

The rapper said his album is a dedication to God for his recovery.

“I have a covenant with God. I feel like I have a covenant with God, me nilikuwa naambia msee, I’m doing this album because of only one person. Sijui ni nani but whoever will listen to the album to transform whatever it’s who I’m targeting,” he explained.

King Kaka also noted he doesn’t care about getting a million streams for the 17-track album.

“I am not looking for a million streams I don’t care. I’m here to serve, niko hapa ku serve.”

King Kaka disclosed he is also writing a book and going on a tour to tell his story.

 “I’m telling my story I have a powerful story, I’m writing a book currently, I think God has been in my life so many times, ni vile saa zingine sikuwa nanotice, so I’m just going to tell people the story of a King, that’s the title of the tour. The book is called second life. Im going to the whole country.”

He is also preparing to shoot a movie in the next two months.“As Kaka Empire films, we are working on two documentaries this year, plus a film and a series.”

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