Employees Need Day Off For Medical Care, Employers Told

January 20, 2023
Kenyan workers at a textile factory

The Confraternity of Patients Kenya (COFPAK) wants employers in Kenya  to allow their employees a day off to seek medical care.

COFPAK  is a registered non-profit organisation whose mandate is to advance, represent, safeguard and promote the interests of healthcare service seekers at all levels.

The lobby group says it has been receiving complaints from workers that their employers do not allow them to take a day for medical care.

“To the employer in Kenya, we have received numerous complaints from employees who are denied a day off to allow them to seek medical care, particularly individuals on care for chronic conditions,” COFPAK said.

The organisation said by law, employees with chronic conditions can choose to not disclose it to their employers.

“Grant them one day off, or even hours to seek health services for days of clinic appointments,” they said.

COFPAK said for a healthy workforce, an employer must support the well-being of their employees.

The NGO called on the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, the Central Organization of Trade Unions secretary general Francis Atwoli and Public Service CS Aisha Jumwa to take note of any such cases that may arise.

“As an employer, if you fail to support your employee to maintain good health, this might affect your company’s productivity,” they argued.

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