Top 5 Android Phones For Online Trading

December 22, 2022

Lately, more and more people are using their smartphones as daily drivers. Smartphones became so advanced that you can do almost anything with a few taps on a screen.

Some of them are even more powerful than older PCs. With all this power available at your fingertips why not use it for trading? Many traders use smartphones as their main trading equipment, especially new crypto traders. 

Smartphones lack some features, especially indicators. Many popular trading platforms provide a limited number of indicators on their mobile apps.

Since indicators are very important for proper technical analysis this could create some frustration.

We’ve talked about the importance of indicators and their availability issues on smartphone applications. Check for the availability of indicators to see more about indicators and which ones to use.

So, if you are looking for some good phones for your trading experience or don’t know how to select from, down below we will suggest some of the great options that might be very helpful.

Selecting The Proper Android Smartphone For Trading

Before starting trading on a smartphone it is important to select the proper smartphone with the proper specs.

Android smartphones are very popular and feature-rich so picking one is a good idea. There are three main categories of android phones: low, mid, and premium or flagship phones. 

Lower-end smartphones are really weak and they struggle to run complex applications because of their limited CPU power and smaller RAM.

Mid-range smarts are a great option as they provide overall good performance for the buck. They can quickly load trading software and show every information you need to start trading.

If you search for even more power and speed, premium smarts are the way to go. They are called android flagships and puck a punch.

With the latest generation snapdragon processors being faster than my old gaming pc you can forget any issues with power and speed. 

But there is a difference between full desktop trading platforms and smartphone ones. Desktop applications are more developed and provide much more functions and indicators.

Indicators are key in technical analysis. To analyze historical data and quickly draw information on the screen indicators measure the heartbeat of the market.

What to look for when buying a smartphone for trading? Screen size, RAM, and CPU speed. To see prices and indicators the screen size matters.

Anything above 5.5 will be sufficient enough to show all the needed information for trading 6 Gb RAM is recommended.

TOP 5 Android Smartphones For Trading

* Google pixel 6a – It would be higher on the list, but for $450 there are other more budget-friendly android phones. If you find it cheaper during sales it is a good option. The 6.1-inch screen is enough to see all necessary information during trading like price charts, and indicators. 6 GB of RAM will save all the applications opened so as not to lose any sensitive information. 

* Samsung Galaxy A53 – Overall very solid budget-friendly smartphone with good cameras and power. Samsung is well-known for its gorgeous screens and the a53 is no exception, it can be used for anything from watching tutorial videos to advanced trading charts and indicators. Since it has the same price as pixel 6a and updates are often definitely a little better option than its Google counterpart.

* Xiaomi Poco x4 gt – Despite its long name it is cheaper than the android phones above but has more RAM and battery life. A 6.6 screen is more than enough to see everything on the chart including indicators. Did we tell you that it has 8 GB of RAM?

* Redmi note 10s – CPU is slightly weaker than galaxy a53 but powerful enough to run any trading application. If you want to trade on an android smartphone there is no cheaper alternative on the market right now. As with all Xiaomi products (not paid to advertise just overall my experience), it provides great value for money. MediaTek’s powerful CPU with 4-8 GB of RAM will take on a heavy load during live trading.

* Xiaomi 12 – Flagship phones from Xiaomi have everything you ever will need, it is cheaper than other flagship phones but has the same specs. 8-12 GB RAM with the latest snapdragon CPU will run anything. the 6.73 curved AMOLED display is the same as any latest Samsung flagships. You can live-stream your trades as well.

* Samsung galaxy s22 ultra – The S22 ultra is not a budget phone but a full-blown android flagship king from 2022. It has everything and this everything is the best available on this planet. The S22 ultra is more expensive than other phones on the list but much more powerful in every way. Its S-pen provides more features than any phone on the market. You can write on the screen and help improve your trading. 8-12 GB of RAM with a huge battery will ensure the phone is fast and reliable all day. 

To conclude, today’s smartphones are powerful and feature-rich but some of them lack all the trading functionality. Our examples can solve these technical issues and inconveniences simply. So you can get more comfortable trading experience.

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