Policeman Shoots In The Air Over Free Unga in Kiambu

December 22, 2022

A police officer based in Limuru, Kiambu County caused a scare on Tuesday after he started shooting in the air in a reported scuffle over a packet of Unga.

The spectacle played out at Muna Police Post in Limuru when volunteers of a charitable organization called Kenya Diaspora Media-USA took 60 bales of flour for safe keeping at the police base.

Kenya Diaspora Media-USA was set to distribute the Unga on Wednesday to locals in Karambaini area.

At the police post, the volunteers gave five officers who they found at the station two packets each as a gesture of appreciation.

But a Police Constable manning the station on night shift reportedly demanded more Unga.

One of the volunteers, Mr Jeremiah Mureithi, said the officer became irritable and fired four rounds in the air.

The cop then dropped his AK-47 and engaged a driver for the charitable organization in hand-to-hand combat.

The driver sustained serious injuries on the head, and mouth and complained of chest pain as well.

Senior police officers arrived at the scene, disarmed their colleague, and escorted him to Kikuyu General Hospital to undergo medical tests.

The officers also recovered his rifle loaded with 16 bullets and the four spent cartridges from the scene.

Police said the next course of action will be taken after they get a report from the hospital.

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