Octopizzo – No Kenyan Rapper Earns More Than Me

December 1, 2022

Kenya’s Hip Hop sensation Octopizzo(born Henry Ohanga) says he is the highest-earning rapper in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi Media, the ‘Lamu Nights’ rapper also rubbished claims that Kenyan rap does not pay as well as other genres.

Unless you don’t listen to hiphop bana, hakuna msanii anamake doh mingi Kenya kuliko msanii anado hiphop. Don’t let them lie to you that rappers hakuna. Personally let me tell you there is no Kenyan rapper who signs a bigger cheque than me,” Octopizzo said.

The ‘Rada Chafu’ rapper also defended his claims against doubters who say they don’t see him on TV often or performing in local shows.

“Sio lazima nikuwe kwa TV saa zote ndio ujue nafanya maneno. Do you see Burna Boy on TV every day? Do you see Jay Z on TV every day? Kuna biashara zingine hazihitaji uonekane. Saa hii niko hapa -Tanzania- how come other Kenyan rappers were not invited here? Mbona hawako hapa? “

The Octopizzo Foundation CEO also explained how his music has changed over the years.

“I think my music changed I didn’t want to be confined to the Hip Hop bracket alone, if you are my real fan, you know that I have released an album this year…there is an album that came out one month ago, and it’s not hip hop. It’s RnB. This is because I don’t just want to be referred to, or be put in a box as a hip-hop artiste. I want to be called an artiste. I don’t just want to be a Hip Hop artiste. I have 7 Hip Hop albums if you want to listen go there,” he said.

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