Njugush Explains Why He No Longer Shoots Tugi Content

December 15, 2022

Comedy content creator Timothy Kimai alias Njugush has disclosed why he stopped creating content for his son, Tugi.

Speaking with Youtuber Mungai Eve, Njugush said Tugi has been rather preoccupied with schoolwork. The comedian said most of the content they shot was when they spent a lot of time together at home.

“Tugi is not a content creator, we were recording things that he does willingly. So until he is doing that, we cannot post anything else,” Njugush said.

He added: “Tugi is also very busy at school and so when he is home, he just sleeps or we are just playing. He cannot just come from school and I start recording him.”

Njugush noted he is not under pressure to shoot new content for Tugi’s YouTube channel with over 142,000 subscribers.

“We decided to just give him space to be a normal kid. But we have moments we record and that is the beauty of online. If I don’t want to post, I just stay silent since there is no pressure. Sometimes, there are moments we wish we recorded coz he sometimes refuses.”

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