Kenyan Pens Newspaper Letter To President Ruto Exposing Ksh11B Cartel Scam

December 14, 2022

A Kenyan has anonymously written to President William Ruto seeking to expose a cartel at the centre of a Ksh11.16 billion land scam.

The unknown whistleblower spent north of Ksh240,000 to buy half a page of the Daily Nation newspaper to expose a graft syndicate at the National Lands Commission (NLC).

In the four-point letter published in the daily on Tuesday, the whistleblower claimed that the cartel is plotting to rob the Kenyan taxpayer of Ksh.11.6 billion.

“How a Single Daring Cartel Entrenched at the National Land Commission Are Working to Rob The Kenyan Exchequer of Ksh11.16 Billion,” the letter read in part.

The Kenyan linked the cartel to six fraud cases at the National Land Commission, including the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) compensation worth Ksh8 billion.

According to the letter, the NLC syndicate had claimed over 60 percent of the Mazeras Land in Kilifi County. As a result of the scheme, over 30 individuals were set to miss out on the government’s compensation money.

Further, the cartel allegedly claimed ownership of the Mombasa International Airport access road, which was set to receive Ksh295.9 million in compensation from the government.

This means the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), the rightful owners, would lose funds.

“Astonishingly, the very same cartel proxy also claims he owns Miritini Mangrove Forest, Foreshore Conservancy and wants Kenya Railways Corporation to pay vide NLC for apparently using his land,” the claimant wrote, adding that Kenya Railways would lose Ksh1.447 billion from the scheme.

The whistleblower additionally claimed road agencies, including Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), were set to lose Ksh1.421 billion in the alleged scam.

The claimant called on President Ruto to intervene in line with his campaign pledge of fighting graft.

“We believe that these two legacy footprints, when implemented in tandem, have the unique properties of a potent socio-economic development catalyst that will ensure every Kenyan can earn a decent living and pursue their dreams free of hindrance, without regard to race, ethnic grouping or economic class,” the letter read.

“The Kenyan government cannot afford to lose tens of billions of shillings to graft cartels and their proxies. To achieve your most noble promises to the Kenyan people, this must stop,” the whistleblower added.

National Lands Commission chairperson Gershom Otachi refuted allegations of such a compensation plan.

“That preposterous figure is not anything I know about or what the commission knows anything about. If we had the benefit of details of who the claimants are we would provide a better answer but be that as it may there is no such proposed compensation or valuation of Ksh.8 billion,” said the NLC boss.

Otachi said the commission is on high alert through their processes to separate the cartels from bonafide owners of land subject to compensation.

“If there are people out there planning to rip where they didn’t sow that is different… we will follow processes of the law from the acquiring entities and advice accordingly,” he added.

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