Charlene Ruto Draws Scorn over Office of the First Daughter Remark

December 14, 2022

It appears Charlene Ruto just can’t seem to stay away from stirring up strong reactions from Kenyans on Twitter(KOT).

After claiming that she does not need an official position in defense of her role in her father’s government, Charlene has seemingly created a fictitious Office of the First Daughter.

In an undated video clip that is going viral on social media, Charlene is seen addressing a summit, where she referred to her office as the Office of the First Daughter.

During the summit, Charlene introduced members of her “office” to the audience.

“Before again I continue I wanted to introduce quickly my team from Kenya….this is Jermain Momanyi, he is the head of Trade and Investment at the Office of the First Daughter,” Charlene said before the crowd interrupted her with jeers and claps.

“I don’t get what is funny,” Charlene said.

No sooner had the video surfaced online than Kenyans on Twitter sent out thousands of tweets reacting to Charlene’s remarks.

In fact, three of the top trending topics on Twitter on Tuesday evening were, ‘Office of The First Daughter’, ‘Charlene Ruto’, and  ‘Quickmart Ivanka'( Charlene’s nickname).

Below we have compiled some of the reactions from KOT.

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