City Man Frogmarches Suspected ‘Basmati Babe’ to Police Station [VIDEO]

December 14, 2022

There was drama in Kitengela Town Tuesday morning when a man made a citizen’s arrest on a woman whom he claimed had spiked his drink.

Emmanuel Wamalwa, 32, said he had been trailing the woman after she allegedly spiked his uncle’s drink and stole his money two weeks ago in Kitengela area.

Wamalwa claimed the woman works as a barmaid and had switched workplaces after the incident.

“I have been looking for the woman and this morning I found her in a new pub. I went there as a customer and she tried to spike my drink before she became hostile and claimed I was reluctant to pay the bill,” he claimed.

The man caused a spectacle on Namanga Road when he tried to frogmarch the woman to a police station. He was shirtless and had fresh bruises on his face while the alleged ‘basmati babe’ was bleeding from a scratch on her forehead.

Wamalwa dragged the woman unto a waiting bodaboda as he shoved away onlookers who tried to rescue the woman.

“Huyu ni mtu wa mchele, twende polisi,” Wamalwa shouted.

The bodaboda rider, who declined to share his name, told the Nation:  “This man requested me to take (them) to Kitengela police station from a club on Baraka Road. He claims the lady spiked his drink.”

 They arrived at the police station much to the bewilderment of the police officers who were on duty.

“Ingia hapa police station na mchele yako. Siwezi kukuachilia” (Get in here the police station with your mchele [stupefying drugs]. I am not letting you go,” the man shouted as the police officers approached them.

The man let the woman go following intervention by Kitengela police commander David Ole Shani intervened. She took cover behind the reporting desk at the station and denied Wamalwa’s allegations, saying he had refused to settle Sh1,750 bill.

Police have since opened investigations into the incident.

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