Check Out How Nyashinski Came Through For This Young Boy [PHOTOS]

December 23, 2022

In addition to making fire hits and staging mega shows, Kenya’s music sensation Nyashinski also has a little-known charitable side.

This became apparent after a hospital in Eldoret hailed Nyashinski for coming through for a young boy named Bravin.

As the story goes, Nyashinski, who staged an electrifying performance in Eldoret late last month, learned about Bravin needing a prosthetic limb.

Bravin is a patient at St. Luke’s Orthopaedic & Trauma Hospital in Eldoret.

The hospital says Nyashinski offered to sponsor Bravin’s prosthetic limb until he becomes an adult.

“A few weeks ago, Nyamari Ongegu, popularly known as @realshinski visited St. Luke’s Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital and learned about Bravin, one of our patients who needed a prosthetic limb. Nyashinski pledged to sponsor Bravin’s prosthetic limb fitting until he becomes an adult,” St. Luke’s hospital said.

On Wednesday, December 21, Bravin had a prosthetic limb fitted on his right eg.

“Today, Bravin, accompanied by his mom and sibling, visited St. Luke’s Hospital to fit his first prosthetic limb sponsored by Nyashinski,” the private hospital announced.

Notably, unlike other celebrities and like the G.O.A.T he is, Nyashinski did not rush to his socials to show off his good deeds. The ‘Properly’ hitmaker only reposted St Luke’s post on his InstaStories.

Now that’s how to do Charity properly.

The photos of Bravin getting his first prosthetic limb.

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