The 6 Demands Kenyan Musicians Want CS Ababu To Address

November 9, 2022

Kenyan entertainers led by veteran gospel singer Rufftone (born Roysmith Mwatia) have made a number of demands to Sports and Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba.

Speaking at a press conference at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) on Tuesday, November 8, the musicians said they have suffered long enough and want the new regime to hear their cry.

One of the demands made to CS Namawamba is the streamlining of the collective management organizations (CMOs). Rufftone acknowledged that CS Ababu has begun working on the issue.

“We are aware that the CS has already begun consultations on how to streamline the operations of collective management organisations (CMO) within the music industry. This has been a long-running challenge for musicians, and until now no sufficient government attention had been realized. Thank you, Mr. President, and Kenya Kwanza government, for turning your attention to the matter of CMOs,” Rufftone said.

The other demands include;

  1. Unlock KES 92 billion per Year (or KES 252 million per Day) from illegitimate Websites into the legitimate Business of the Creative Industry.
  2. Directly create over 50,000 professional Jobs for Youth – which shall Support the Families and Communities.
  3. Anti-Piracy: Fast-tracking of the mandatory continuous Blocking of Copyright-infringing
  4. Attract local and international Investment to the Creative Industry, as our Creatives become economically Empowered to Create more quality Content, which can Compete with Nigeria and South Africa on a Global stage.
  5. Domains, and Re-direction to Legitimate Websites, by ALL Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – as per Section 35 in the Copyright Act, will:
  6. International Alignment of Tariffs for Broadcasters to be Gazetted by the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO)

Further, the musicians urged the media to be on the frontline in the playing of Kenyan content as well as vouching for Kenyan artistes while also requesting for use of 75% local content in advertising (jingles, Signature Tunes, Production Music).

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