New Police Boss Orders Nationwide Crackdown on Tax Evaders, Illegal Goods

November 8, 2022

Acting Inspector General of Police, Noor Gabow, has ordered a countrywide crackdown on all illegal goods,  contraband goods and tax evasion schemes.

In a signal sent to all police commanders across the country, Gabow directed all officers to maintain vigilance in their areas of responsibility and to carry out intelligence-led crackdowns to combat all forms of tax evasion.

“Regional and County commanders should take command responsibility over these operations in coordination with KRA as necessary,” said Gabow.

He said the crackdown is aimed at helping the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) reach its revenue collection target.

“As well known to you, one of the government’s core functions is the provision of services to citizens. This critical service provision function is therefore reliant on the government’s ability to collect various forms of taxes as part of its revenue. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous taxpayers devise ways to cheat and evade taxes due hence affect projected revenue generation targets,” Gabow said in his signal dated November 6.

“Other criminals employ different tax evasion tricks with an aim of defrauding the government much-needed revenue and whereas revenue enforcement regime falls under the mandate of KRA.”

The police boss directed all police officers to work in collaboration with relevant authorities to nab the suspects.

The regional and county commanders will work with the KRA officials in their regions during the operation, and daily reports will be filed.

Gabow noted that while revenue collection is the responsibility of the taxman, the National Police Service is obligated to act whenever crimes are committed.

“We are therefore reminded of our general law enforcement mandate under the Penal Code the National Police Service act the prevention of organized crime act and other subsisting laws including the service standing orders.”

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