Mugo Wa Wairimu Slapped With 33 Year Sentence, To Serve 30

November 22, 2022

Quack doctor James Mugo Ndichu better known by his alias Mugo wa Wairimu will serve 30 years in prison after he was found guilty on 10 counts relating to operating an illegal clinic in Githurai 44 and unlawfully administering drugs to his patients to perform sexual offenses against them.

While passing the sentence on Monday, November 21, Milimani Chief Magistrate Wendy Micheni said that although Mugo in his mitigation was remorseful and wanted to serve humanity by pursuing his degree in health science, he is a danger to society and should be kept away for a long time.

In his mitigation yesterday, Mugo wa Wairimu asked the court for leniency saying he had learned his lesson. The fake doctor is currently serving an 11-year jail term handed to him in 2020 by Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Nanzushi for operating another illegal clinic in Kayole.

“I assure this court that I have learnt a lesson and would urge the court to give a lenient sentence that will allow me join my family and to continue serving Kenyans as a law-abiding citizen,”  Mugo wa Wairimu said.

“I have elderly parents who are over 80 years old and went without meals to make sure that their son has a secure future. Seeing their son on TV every day is traumatizing to them. They have not known peace because I’ve been in custody,” he added.

But the magistrate said the quack doctor chose to be a threat to society by committing the heinous offences to his victims which he alleged to be saving.

“He is a danger to the society instead of using the knowledge he says he acquired to improve society he went ahead by purporting to be a gynecologist and administering drugs to them,” the judge ruled.

“I, therefore, order that in count two where Mugo was convicted for sedating a woman whom he sexually assaulted, he is sentenced to 25 years but since he has served three years in remand he will serve 22 years without an option of a fine,” Kagendo added.

In her ruling, Kagendo said the prosecutor Anderson Gikunda had proven beyond reasonable doubt that Mugo used certain unknown drugs with intention of overpowering his victims so as to engage in sexual activity with them.

“It is disheartening that the circumstances where some of his victims found themselves without panties in his clinic leads one to conclude that his intention of sedating the women was to have sexual intercourse with them,” she ruled.

Mugo wa Wairimu was additionally sentenced to serve six months for each of two offenses of unlawfully operating a pharmacist without a license.

In the offense of illegally stocking and using in his Prestige Health Care in Githurai 44 unvalidated laboratory reagents namely Allumin assay kit, Diagnostic sensitivity discs, HCG strips, Diagnostic kit for HIV (1 and 2) antibody, Salmonella antigen rapid test device, Antistreptolysin “O”(ASO) latex kit among others, he has been sentenced to serve one year.

Mugo was also sentenced to one year each for other six offences including operating a medical laboratory without registration.

In total, Mugo wa Wairimu was sentenced to 33 years in prison but will serve 30 because he has already served three years in custody while the case was still in court.

Combined with the 11 he is currently serving, I think it’s safe to say Mugo wa Wairimu will rot in jail like a sex pest ought to.

He has 14 days to appeal the sentence.

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