Bob Collymore’s Multi-million Estate Dispute Settled

November 9, 2022

An agreement has been reached over the distribution of former Safaricom Boss Bob Collymore’s vast estate.

Collymore left behind two wills: one for his estate in the United Kingdom (UK) dated January 13, 2018, and the other dated April 18, 2018, for his properties in Kenya.

However, on March  21, 2022, his former wife Claire Hellen Collymore moved to court seeking to cancel the authority given to his wife Wambui Kamiru to administer the estate on July 28 last year.

She accused Wambui of meddling with the UK will and failing to disclose and produce true records of the assets of the deceased including bank accounts and statements.

Claire argued that these were crucial in helping the court determine the distribution of Collymore’s estate.

Collymore and Claire had two children, James and Sarah, with the former also filing an affidavit seeking to have Wambui removed as administrator on grounds that she may have meddled with his father’s UK assets hence the commingling with the Kenyan estate.

Wambui in opposing the cancellation argued that no evidence was adduced to show the authority to administer the estate was obtained fraudulently.

She also argued that the deceased fully provided for his dependents in the UK will.

James reportedly received 345,000 pounds translating to Sh53 million under the UK will while the daughter is said to have received Sh77 million.

As of 2015, Bob Collymore had assets worth Sh277.3 million spread out in cash, real estate, cars and shares in various companies.

The dispute has since been resolved after the parties came up with a mediation agreement dated July 15, 2022 which has not been made public.

They also recorded a consent in court on September 23, 2022, which was adopted in court by Justice Maureen Odero.

It read: “By mutual consent of all the disputants in this matter, all the applications in court concerning the matter under reference are removed by the act of signing this mediation agreement and the matter should be marked settled in the court records with effect from the date of this agreement.”

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