Why Kalonzo Turned Down Ruto Job Offer

October 25, 2022

Makueni Senator Dan Maanzo says President William Ruto offered Kalonzo Musyoka a job in his government but the Wiper Paty leader turned it sown.

Speaking on Monday, Maanzo said Ruto reached out to Kalonzo immediately after he was elected.

The Senator explained that Kalonzo turned down Ruto because he wanted to be in the opposition.

“President Ruto reached out to Kalonzo Musyoka but he did not accept the president’s offer. If everybody walks into government, who will put the government in check?” Maanzo told Citizen TV.

This comes after Ruto on Sunday confirmed that he had offered Kalonzo Musyoka a job. Speaking at a church service in Kitui, the President said he was still wiling to work with Kalonzo.

“You have talked about the issues of my brother Stephen (Kalonzo Musyoka). He is my elder brother and whenever he is ready to work with me, I am ready to work with him,” said Ruto.

“If you remember, I told you this when I was here, that if God makes it possible for me to form the government, I will look for my brother Stephen and involve him in running it.”

President Ruto also confirmed that Kalonzo told him he wanted to be in the opposition.

“I want you to know I have looked for Stephen, sat down with him…told him ‘here is the government, let us work together’ he told me he wants to try opposition first. So, let him try opposition first then we see where he gets, then we can talk later. There is no problem, even opposition is work, it also helps us to move Kenya forward,” Ruo said.

Speaking at the same church service, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua said the government will accommodate Kalonzo Musyoka ‘when he is ready”.

“We are waiting for him (Kalonzo). The people of Ukambani are the ones who will decide. The truth is we looked for him to join us but insisted on going to the opposition,” said Riggy G.

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