Troll Said My Big Boobs Can Satisfy a Baby For One Week – Tracy Waithera

October 25, 2022

TikTok sensation Tracy Waithera opened up about her experience with trolls saying she gets body-shamed over the size of her breasts.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Waithera revealed some of the mean comments she has ever received from cyber bullies.

“Yes, I have been body shamed. There’s this one time someone made a comment calling me a Friesian cow because of my big breasts. They told me that I am a Friesian and that if my kid were fed from one of my breasts they would be satisfied for a whole week,” said the content creator.

Tracy noted she pays little to no attention to the body shamers.

“Others say my boobs are bigger than my life, I am going to suffocate my husband and kids with my boobs, just a lot. But I really don’t give time to those comments so I don’t really feel them. I don’t give much thought to it because these are my breasts and I can’t chop them off,” she said.

Waithera, popularly known for her Kikuyu videos, also spoke about how she shot to online fame.

“I think it was a video that I shot where I was talking about a mubaba and people I guess got curious and wanted to know who this chic who’s talking about wababa is,” she said.

Tracy Waithera said she has experienced the ‘Mubaba’ lifestyle which forms the premise of her content.

“It’s because I have lived it. I have lived the life of having a mubaba, and I have a pinch of experience from living with wababas. I have tasted that life and I think it’s authentic for me to talk about it because I wouldn’t want other women to fall for the same tricks I did.”

Waithera boasts over 220,000 followers on TikTok and over 3 million likes on her videos.

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