Condition That Makes Mungai Eve Look Pregnant

October 25, 2022

Content creator Mungai Eve has once again come out to dismiss speculation that she is heavy with child.

The popular YouTuber says she has a health condition that makes her appear pregnant. Eve says she has been battling gas which makes her belly swell and that it became persistent recently after she was diagnosed with food poisoning.

“Seems some of my fans really want to see me pregnant. I shared I have been battling gas for long, it keeps coming back even after being treated and recently it got worse after I was diagnosed with food poisoning,” she explained.

Mungai Eve noted that getting pregnant is a blessing she is not ready for and fans should stop praying for her.

“You all stop praying for me blessings that I ain’t ready for. The issue here is gastritis, ulcers and H pylori, that was the discussion,” she said.

This comes weeks after Mungai Eve said she was fed up with a section of her online fans pressuring her to have children with her boyfriend Director Trevor.

“You all should stop telling us to get children like so and so. Everyone has their own plans in life and again being a woman doesn’t mean your purpose only is to get children! Everyone has their own pace,” the famous YouTuber said.

According to Mungai Eve, an unplanned pregnancy often turns into a nightmare.

“If you are not ready to get children, getting pregnant can be your worst nightmare. Because having a baby will change you forever! Similarly, it may be scary to get a glimpse of the supreme power if you are not yet ready for it because it will change you forever. You will lose yourself and a new you will emerge,” she explained.

Adding: “I am honestly so tired of this ‘when will you get children’ question or when are you getting pregnant. Who said we want kids right now? Can everyone just live their lives the way they want because nobody will help you raise that child when you bring them into this world.”

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