This is How Much Jackie Matubia Spent on Allurion Gastric Balloon

October 14, 2022

Actress Jackie Matubia spent big bucks to undergo her weight loss procedure.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Matubia said she underwent an Allurion gastric balloon procedure that cost her Ksh500, 000.

The mother of two indicated it was money well spent after she lost 6kgs in just four days.

“It’s an amazing feeling because you’re losing weight so drastically, but nothing comes easy. Six kgs are something I would have worked out crazy for at the gym. My target weight is 75 and I am very sure I am going to get it by December,” she said.

Matubia also mentioned that she no longer eats as she used to and cannot have more than five spoons.

The influencer also said her fiancé, Blessing Lung’aho, does not want her to lose too much weight.

“Blessing does not want that(my 75kg target) and I was like, ‘dude ulinikatia nikiwa na hio weight. Anway wanawake tujipende na ile weight tunataka, usiskize bwanako, love yourself,” she said.

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