Things To Know About Sandra Dacha

October 3, 2022

Sandra Dacha is a comedian and actress best known for playing the role of a bullish, noisy and annoying housegirl, Silprosa, in the TV drama Auntie Boss.

Dacha shares some details of growing up in the slums and finding her place in the film industry.

How is life being in the limelight?

Well, I can’t complain. I appreciate my fans. Guys will stop me to say hi. Sometimes, kids will shout ‘Siphrosa’ when they meet me in the supermarkets or malls. I am truly honoured. Though sometimes it can be quite overwhelming, but I know how to handle all the fame.

Do you ever feel sad?

Of course, I am human! Sometimes it is good just to have a good cry and let go of all the emotions you have bottled up. There is nothing wrong with being emotional. It is not a sign of weakness, but a mark of strength.

What is Sandra all about?

I am a simple, down-to-earth girl who grew in Mukuru Kayaba slums. I love making friends, enjoy whipping some scrumptious meals and I am always looking for my next travel destination. I also think I am fun to be around with. My mantra in life is you only live once, so enjoy every moment!

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was tough. My mother was single and the only breadwinner. She struggled to feed us. I remember to supplement her income, I used to hawk njugus in bars! The actor, Leonard Mambo Mbotela was one of my loyal customers. I used to make good money and I believe the whole experience shaped me to be the woman I am today.

Did you grow up with both parents?

No. I am an orphan. The struggle was harsh, that’s why I lived in three different places.

In the TV drama, Aunty Boss, your character is a person who is noisy and a bully. Does this reflect who you are in real life?

Ha ha! Let’s just say I am a very outgoing person and sometimes, I can push the envelope. Does that make me a bully? I love life and I live it!

Tell us about your first role on TV.

The show was known as The hospital and was produced by Zamaradi production. I was called by Derrick Aseto as an extra, I  was so excited to be on TV for the first time. I was so excited. From there, I started getting calls for different roles and that is how Aunty Boss came knocking.

How did you land your role on Auntie Boss?

I did not audition. My boss Lucy Mwangi picked me from the Kenya National Theatre while I was rehearsing for a stage Luo play. She needed a person of my body size. I fell in love with the character almost immediately.

Did your high school days shape you into an actor?

I was an active member of the drama festivals. I used to imitate our teachers and the whole class fell in love with my acts. I think I was born to be an actor! When I get into character, everything else fades…and it is just me and the camera!

We have seen you dancing and girl, you can dance! Ever thought of being a professional dancer?

Ha! If that door opens, who am I to say not? Yes. I enjoy dancing. It is a stress-reliever and I find pure joy when dancing.

You once publicly declared you can never date a broke man. I thought couples are all about supporting each other?

Okay, who wouldn’t want a rich man? Only a broke man can label women as gold diggers. There’s nothing for free, even in the Bible, Jacob worked for 14 years in order to marry Leah and Rachael. A man should provide for his woman. My money is mine. His money is ours. I have struggled in life so I cannot struggle again with a man. Sandra cannot date a broke man.

Doesn’t this stand push away potential suitors?

Well, the few I have dated have no qualms with that. It is how you communicate and set boundaries before you start dating.

Speaking of which, are you seeing someone?

Yes I am. I am in a committed relationship.

You are very comfortable with your body size. Is that intentional?

I am very comfortable with my body size and I always tell plus size women to love themselves. Through this, they will attract love in return. I advise them to stay positive and spread positivity by loving themselves first. Whether you are skinny, dark or fat, you should walk with your head high. We can’t all be models, right?

Apart from acting, what else do you do on the side?

I am an event MC and I also sell clothes, for plus-size women.

What are you proud of as a person?

I love the woman I have become.

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