Miguna’s Appeal To “ODM Goons” Ahead of Kisumu Homecoming

October 27, 2022

The formerly exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has appealed to ODM leaders not to mobilize youths to interrupt his homecoming ceremony in Kisumu county on Friday, October 28.

Miguna says his homecoming is an act of peace, emotional and physical restoration. The outspoken revolutionist said while in Kisumu, he will be mourning the family members who passed away while he was in exile.

Miguna implored leaders who are influential in the region to assure him of calm during the visit to his ancestral home.

“Going home, especially for a person who has been forcefully exiled for 5 years, is not an act of war. It is an act of peace, emotional and physical RESTORATION. To ODM goons: Please don’t mobilize unemployed youth to stone me on Friday. I’m going to mourn my family members,” he tweeted Wednesday.

This comes after Miguna sensationally accused Raila of using the media to threaten him. This followed a K24 TV report where some Kisumu residents were interviewed saying Miguna’s homecoming was silly and inconsequential.

“Miguna is our son but we are not interested in the so-called homecoming event for now. We want to tell him that our leader is Raila Odinga. We might be forced to chase him away if he insists on coming here,” one of the residents said.

Another said: “We have heard that Miguna Miguna is planning a homecoming event in Kisumu, but how will the event benefit us? How are we connected with Miguna? We want to tell him that we are in pain after the events of the last election. We have no time for those things.”

In response, Miguna said he would not be intimidated.

“To Raila Odinga using the media to threaten me will not work. I’m coming to Kisumu on Friday. Go ahead and engage in violence and mayhem. That’s your primary qualification. But in the end, the Luo Nation will and must be liberated,” Miguna tweeted.

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