Michelle Ntalami Talks Sexuality, Failed Relationship, Business

October 11, 2022

Michelle Ntalami has answered the one question so many people have been asking; is she a lesbian?

“So many people have been wondering if I am a lesbian, the answer is I am not. I am androsexual. This is a person who is strictly attracted to masculine energy irrespective of gender.  And because of this, I am part of the LGBTQ community as a supporter and someone who has a member of the community,” she says.

The Marini Naturals also spoke about her past highly publicized relationship and why it failed.

“With all due respect to that relationship, it was a very healthy and positive one from the start despite how it ended and the reasons why it ended. It was not a toxic relationship. And since then the question I have been asked a lot is if I date men. And the answer is yes, I also date men,” she said in an interview with the Nation.

“A lot of people have wanted to know why the relationship did not work out and all I can say is that for me deceit, infidelity, or breach of trust is not something that I take lightly and that is what that person did to me.”

The popular Instagram personality recently posted a video with a mystery man, which she says a new beginning after the breakup.

I was coming from a very dark time in my life. I had gone through so much in my personal life and I finally found my light again, the essence of me of what makes Michelle, who is very soft, feminine, sensual, in touch with her feelings, very expressive and not shy of that,” Ntalami said.

She also spoke about posting racy pictures on her Instagram saying she is not bothered by what people think.

“About my Instagram photos, I do not know what people think about me and frankly I don’t care. I mean, I can’t control what people would want to think about me, what I can do is just be authentically me,” she says.

“I was never going to be the usual stereotype CEO wearing those chocking suits. I can’t change it even if I try even when I become a mother, I think I would still want to be sexy,” she adds.

Ntalami also spoke about Marini Naturals which she founded seven years ago together with her partner.

“We had dreams of one day sitting in our factory. But there were always those doubts about who will we be able to make it. Marini was meant to be a side business but it started to become so popular that we focused on it full-time,” she said.

“Initially, there was lack of trust because the beauty market at the time was all about chemically relaxed hair and not natural one, or the other question would be why we were even thinking of building a factory instead of selling products from China. But this was not the vision for Marini because we wanted the Kenyan touch when we say made in Kenya,” Ntalami said.

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