Huddah Reveals “the best African man to marry”

October 28, 2022

The popular Instagram personality Huddah Monroe claims a man who is close to his mother is not ‘husband material’.

According to the socialite, men who have a close relationship with their mothers are difficult to date.

Huddah was commenting on a picture of Nigerian star Burna Boy hanging out with his mum.

“When his mum is so into her son like this, just forget it,” she said, adding: “Your marriage will never work.” 

The cosmetics entrepreneur claimed she has a friend who told her that her marriage failed because her husband and his mum were close.

Consequently, Huddah reasons that the best African man to marry is one without a mother.

“The best African man to marry is the one whose mother is not alive,” she wrote.

“Or whose mother is still married and busy with her husband. The rest will be competing with you. And no lies were told.”

The influencer said mothers who have a close relationship with their sons will always be jealous of any other woman in their sons’ lives.

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