CBK, DCI, KQ Accused of “bad manners” for Correcting DP Gachagua In Public

October 7, 2022

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has called out various State agencies for correcting Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua in public.

This comes after Kenya Airways became the latest parastatal to negate statements made by Rigathi Gachagua.

In a TV interview on Sunday, the DP claimed the national carrier was under “State Capture”.

“We have had discussions with Kenya Airways and they have the highest fares on the continent and their planes are always full but they make losses. We are trying to deal with that State capture so that we can bring down the cost of the operations of the airline so that they can make profits,” Riggy G said.

But KQ Chairman Michael Joseph on Wednesday dismissed Rigathi’s claims that they were paying above-market rate fees for services offered to the airline. He also mentioned that KQ Board and Management have been engaging with the lessors to reduce the overall costs of aircraft lease rentals.

Joseph also said the airline is a publicly listed company with the Government as the majority shareholder.

But Senator Cherargei sided with Rigathi Gachagua, saying: “Kenya kwanza manifesto of revamping KQ  highlighted leadership problems & high operational costs the govt should do institutional audit of KQ without Chair Michael Joseph & his team, Dp Gachagua was right state capture is real.”

The outspoken Nandi legislator said State agencies should stop correcting Riggy G in public, claiming it was insubordination to the Executive.

“State agencies stop correcting DP in public! It is bad manners & insubordination towards the presidency. From Central Bank of Kenya, Director of Criminal Investigation to now KQ,” Cherargei said.

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