Breastfeeding Forces Nadia Mukami To Shave Off Her Hair

October 19, 2022

Kenya’s pop singer Nadia Mukami has continued sharing with her fans her experiences as a new mum, revealing why she had to shave her head.

In a video on Instagram, Nadia unleashed her new short hair look while working out at the gym. The singer explained that she shaved her hair because her it falls off whenever she breastfeeds.

“So I shaved my head because of lactation… whenever I breastfeed my hair falls off. My hairline imepotea…the hairline was not hairlining..” she joked, adding: “So I decided to chop my hair…not for anything particular.”

This comes a day after Nadia said she was inactive on social media because she did not feel comfortable in her skin after adding weight during pregnancy.

The Si Rahisi hitmaker admitted she is struggling to lose weight even though she loves her new body. She is looking to lose 7 kgs.

“I am trying to get to 60KGs! it’s so hard losing weight! Don’t get it twisted I love the new thick me exclusive of mummy pouch, double chin and my wrestling built-like arms? I struggled with my weight, I even don’t post a lot of photos and I had so much of client work because I was soo insecure,” she said.

Nadia noted she had started going to the gym but her CS wound started hurting.

“I had to pause and you hear people say I have added weight. I am not putting pressure on myself. There is no need for me to pressure only for me to go back through surgery. I am exclusively breastfeeding. Other people’s opinions are none of my business. People need to understand that I have a life.

“It’s Nadia time! I have been trying to keep fit because of the performances! Let’s say adjusting was sooooo hard for me!! But there are no shortcuts!!! I have to work on being fit! Let’s go!!!” she hyped.

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