Meet Body Painter, Model, and Miss Culture Kilifi, Kabibi Baha

September 5, 2022

Kabibi Baha is a creative artist from Kilifi County who wears many hats. She is Miss Culture Kilifi 2018. 

She shares more about herself.


Kabibi Baha is not a sobriquet but my birth name. I was named after my grandmother. It’s a name from the Mijikenda and precisely the Giriama community.

I decided my name will be my brand because technically I consider myself a traditionalist.

I consider myself a creative artist because I do a lot of stuff in the area. I am a photographer, a model, a make-up artist, body painter, and a cultural fashion designer. I make bikinis from knitting and also from our popular Mijikenda traditional regalia, Mahando.

One of my creations was a dress I made purely out of condoms. I used 15 boxes of condoms with each carrying 24 packs. I got this idea during Valentine’s Day and I wanted to create something to help create awareness on the importance of practicing safe sex.

Since winning Miss Culture Kilifi 2018, I have been on a journey of cultural discovery. I have been visiting all the nine Kayas of the Mijikenda people just to try and understand in depth what our cultural traditions are all about. This has seen me appointed culture ambassador which I use as an advocacy tool because culture has become a tourist attraction.

The first time I took part in a culture pageant was in 2014 when I emerged the winner and was crowned Princess Hando. I don’t know of any culture that has a more beautiful traditional attire than the Mijikenda.

I also post a lot in bikinis which are traditionally made to popularise my brand, but also I am about body positivity. I like to encourage women to embrace their bodies in whatever manner or shape they are in. They are wonderful just as they are and shouldn’t mind the body shamers.

However, there are people who will judge my bikini content online. I say so because of the kind of messages I get in my DMS, especially from thirsty men. But I am focused. I know exactly what I am after.

Besides, I am taken, and my boyfriend is very supportive of what I do because he is also a creative.

My kind of social posts are for encouraging women to take good care of their bodies by leading a healthy lifestyle, eat well, drink a lot of water, and to do a lot of exercise like swimming or Yoga, and such.

I would love to see most young people coming out and embracing our culture, helping preserve it, and improving it creatively.

To see what I do, follow me across all social media handles @Kabibi_Baha

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