Magoha Not Looking For A CS Job But Willing To Work For Ruto

September 7, 2022

Education CS George Magoha says he is not angling for a job in the incoming government but would be willing to work for President Ruto if given a chance.

Magoha said that his continued commitment to launching CBC Classrooms should not be misconstrued to mean that he wants Ruto to retain him in his Cabinet.

“I’m not looking for a job, you can take that to the bank. So nobody should mistake me that I’m completing this work in order to be seen that I want another job,” Magoha said on Tuesday.

The outspoken minister said his connection with schoolchildren would make him a suitable Education CS under Ruto.

“If in his wisdom the President-elect thought that I could even be half worth to be considered, we would have a conversation with him because I have now connected with the poor children,” Magoha said.

“If we are thinking in the same direction and he (Ruto) gives me the support that I require, which means that I do things the way he wants and not any other person, then if it’s God’s will I will say yes,” he added.

He spoke at Karen C Primary school in Nairobi, where he supervised the construction of Competency-Based Curriculum classrooms.

Magoha mentioned that the government had saved money due to his hands-0n involvement in supervising the construction. A single CBC classroom is being constructed at a cost of Sh788,000, down from Sh1.2 million.

“CBC is not a money guzzler, you just must make sure that you get value for money and it’s going to be easy for government officers to get value for money because they have a culture of doing things in a particular manner,” Magoha said.

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